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a request, if you please

I'm in dire need of a Friends Only sign. Can anyone help?

text: Friends Only
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any preference on color, font, brushes, etc?
Nope! I trust you to make it pretty

sigh... I tried and failed! Emma's is so much better than anything I attempted. gah I feel like such a failure :( lol
but if you ever need anything else let me know and i shall try :)
might as well drop off the one I did make. I still like Emma's better. haha

oh my gosh I LOVE yours!!!!!! love that font do you know the name of it?
thank you haha, I LOVE yours!
the font is "porcelain" I got it from dafont.com
I'm stucking this in my user info! Thankies!
haha ok. i'm all kinds of honored ;)
Hey I made this one but I'm not sure if you are gonna like it but well if you'd like for me to do another one with any other preference then you can ask :)

ok that didn't seem to work lets try again

just in case this doesn't work *laughs* go here
Thanks so much!!
You are welcome! :)
I'm going to use this one, thank you!
ok :) no problem.